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Enough about me. For now, anyway. What about you? Tell us, and we’ll give one lucky reader a $50 gift certificate to Incanto, one of San Francisco’s better restaurants. Don’t worry if you’re from out of town, it’ll be good until you get here. And Incanto’s worth the trip.
Don’t come to SF often enough to claim a dinner? Two people from other zip codes will each get a copy of Derek Powazek’s “Justly Married” poster commemorating San Francisco’s Love Spring. If I can find him, I’ll get him to sign it for you, too.
The survey is anonymous. But please, please, please include your email if you want to claim your prize.
The information we collect will help us sell ads to support this site. Wanna buy an ad? Talk to the lovely and talented folks at LocalMagic, without whom I’d be just another dopey looking web log.
TECHNICAL NOTES: We won’t spam you, promise. And yes, the survey sends you a “cookie” but it’s just to make sure you only answer once. We don’t care about that, either. You tech types can flame me to toast if I’m lying. And, lastly, to my Mac-loving embarrassment, the survey doesn’t work if you’re using Apple’s Safari, a wonderful web browser in all other respects. The tech guys in the back are working on the fix for that so please be patient.
Thanks! As always, I appreciate your support, comments and continued readership.

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