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The boys over at the Daily Kos are finally catching on to the real power behind the 9/11 Commission: The widows.
This story, first chronicled by Gail Sheehy, writing in the New York Observer, updated over the weekend by the New York Times, is a political classic. Enjoy it. We get only a few of these unorchestrated moments anymore. I’ve been reading Sheehy’s coverage for the past year – it really has been a saga – and this is no fairy tale. These women worked hard and yeah, sure, they used emotional blackmail and pretty much every other tactic they had. Considering they were up against Bush’s ace political advisor Karl Rove, I’d say they did pretty well. Sincerity. Works every time. Particularly when you’re sincere.
You want to stop being cynical for a few seconds? Think about what these women have accomplished. They got rid of Henry Kissinger as chairman, they got the group’s deadline and funding extended, they’ve driven the commission with hard, relentless questioning. As Sheehy pointed out months ago, it’s an easy question to ask – Why? How? – but not so easy to answer, huh, Condi?

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