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Stuff We Knew, Special NYTimes Edition


Monday’s NYTimes Business Section talks about the political split that outsourcing is creating in Silicon Valley, between those who are business-minded and those who are Democrats. I’ve heard that someplace. Where, oh, where? Oh, yeah. Here and here. Forgive me. I almost never scoop The Times.

Andrew Ross Sorkin, the Times’ harbinger of white collar criminal mistrials, does his curtain-raiser on the Quattrone trial. Arguing before a remarkably unsympathetic judge, Quattrone’s lawyer John Keker has tired unsuccessfully to show that Credit Suisse First Boston’s New York lawyers kept information about the federal grand jury from their number one deal-maker. Quattrone insisted during his first trial that talk of the grand jury was all “legal mumbo jumbo.” And while the judge might not have been convinced, the jury was. Even with the mistrial, they were not going to vote to convict Quattrone on obstruction in regard to the grand jury.
And lastly, and much to my chagrin given my rant a few weeks ago about the Times and media concentration, the paper takes a look at the relationship between 60 Minutes and the books it publicizes. They’re all put out by Simon and Schuster! Guess who owns S&S? Okay. Sucker question. That’s right, it’s Viacom, the parent company of CBS, the parent of 60 Mins.
60 Mins. Producer Don Hewitt swears he didn’t know this but that’s crap. I didn’t have to read down the story before I knew it was S&S and I don’t live in no media bubble. (Thanks to Dan Gillmor for this last link).

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