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Jean Harris High


I was joking last week when I wrote to Andrew Ross Sorkin – the New York Times’ official harbinger of mistrials — and suggested that Tyco Juror No. 4 and former Madeira School headmistress, convicted then pardoned Scarsdale Doc murderess Jean Harris were, as Spy magazine used to say, separated at birth.
Turns out the joke is on me.
Juror No. 4, the “batty blueblood” as the New York Post called her really is a Madeira girl; class of 1930-something back when it really was for bluebloods. Those nice folks at The Washington Post knew better than to let that one go; former Post publisher Katherine Graham and her daughter Lally Weymouth did a little time in Greenway, Va., too. Actress Stockard Channing (Mrs. President Bartlett), one-time Clinton advisor Alice Rivlin and a bunch of women running co-op boards up and down Park Ave. are also Jean Harris High grads. The place has slipped since then; they let me in for four years more years ago than I’m going to publicly admit.
The current assistant head of the school pronounces herself unsurprised to find out that the more stubborn juror was an alumnae. “She’s feisty, confident, outspoken and ethical,” Cole said. “Our girls have something to say.”
See. I’m not all bad. I was just drawn this way.

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