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You can take the ‘blogger out of California and, it seems, you can take the California out of the ‘blogger.
Kevin Drum, formerly solo as Calpundit, now a staff ‘blogger (is there such a thing?) for The Washington Monthly, latched on to Gov. Arnold Schwarenegger’s suggestion that the state legislature meet only part-time. It’s probably not an entirely serious suggestion – from what I can see, Schwarzenegger likes to screw with reporters and if he can do that and yank Democratic Sen. John Burton’s chain, he probably figures it’s a day well spent. When I first heard Gov. Terminator’s comments all I could think about was Gore Vidal’s line about air conditioning ruined democracy because it allowed Congress to stay in Washington, D.C. through the summer.

Drum kind of ignores the fun and games and, instead, suggests a ballot initiative that would also lengthen term limits, create a non-partisan redistricting process and reduce the time the legislature spends in Sacramento.
Well, some of this – in fits and starts – is already in the works. I’ve heard at least one Democrat talk about increases in term limits, adding – very practically – that it probably won’t happen until the spirits of Assembly-leader-for-Life Willie Brown and his best friend Burton have faded from the public imagination. Estimated time to effect: 5 to 7 years. Burton terms out this year.
The non-partisan districting idea is alive and well, too. The folks who brought you Total Recall have been talking about a ballot initiative to put districting in the hands of outside, non-government agencies. The Geeks down in Silicon Valley – the ones who know politics – talk about a computer generated population analysis.

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