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Heading for the Hills


So much for Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s supporting a ballot measure calling for San Francisco School to end its desegregation plans. Her official spokesman couldn’t wait to get on the record and say no! no! no! we had nothing to do with the idea being floated by SFSOS, never saw it, don’t know about it, don’t want anything to do with it.

DiFi’s at the head of the parade away from SFSOS that, so far, includes Mayor Gavin Newsom – no comment – and Schools Superintendent Arlene Ackerman – also unavailable. Who’s shooting it down? Newson’s School Board Appointee Heather Hiles who didn’t mince words:
“We haven’t taken enough leadership on the issue in the past, and we’ve got to do better,” Hiles said, adding she wasn’t ready to pledge her vote for the SFSOS measure. “I don’t know whether a ballot initiative is necessary – I don’t know that it really helps what we’re trying to accomplish.”
No, not what you’re trying to accomplish, Heather. But let’s say – hypothetically, you understand – that you’re a moderate to conservative organization looking to become a player – a real player – in San Francisco city politics. You’ve got money but, well, you don’t have much juice. So, maybe you could use neighborhood schools as a way to get support in the city’s largest segment of untapped voters like, for instance Asian Americans out there on the Avenues? But if you can bring enough people to the polls with a wedge issue so hot that they vote the Green Party members off the school board and unseat a supervisor or two, say, perhaps, Supes Geraldo Sandoval or Jake McGoldrick. You’d have an organization that people would have to pay attention to, now wouldn’t you?

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