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Stop Making Sense


So Green Party Board of Supervisor President Matt Gonzalez says he’s going into private law practice? He wants to disengage from politics? Odd. In character. But odd.
And weirder still, he makes his announcement the day before a piece of legislation he says he’s the most proud of is ready for its second vote before the board? Huh? What’s up with this guy? Sand-bagging – himself and other so-called Progressives – is his favorite game, isn’t it?

As far as people in the mayor’s office should be concerned, Gonzalez’s timing couldn’t be better. His announcement comes just before a contentious vote on a measure to restrict chain stores from coming into the city, weakening his leadership on that issue. It also comes as Mayor Gavin Newsom slowly but surely starts to pull Bayview-Hunters Point Supervisor Sophie Maxwell away from Gonzalez’ influence. Gonzalez has converted to lame-duck status just as the city has to start thinking about its finances, a conversation that’s going to go a lot more smoothly without his knee-jerk speechifying, which drives San Francisco’s business community nuts.
His announced withdrawal – it would be just like Gonzalez to come back and decide to run, after all, wouldn’t it? – also makes Newsom look even less vulnerable. And he’s been coated in Teflon since Gay Marriage Madness broke out last month. Newsom has a 75 percent approval rating right now making Gonzalez’ decision to leave the board look, well, looks like he’s throwing in the towel.
And what about all those progressives that Gonzalez appointedto head this and that committee on the board? Well, they got no reason to show any loyalty now, do they? Can you say free-for-all?
Nominations for referee – which can also serve as nominations for future mayoral candidates – are being taken now. My money is on (in order of most likely to succeed at the task at hand) Supervisors Bevan Dufty, Michela Alioto-Piers and Aaron Peskin.

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