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Aggrieved, SFWeekly reporter Peter Byrne writes in and goes, well, he goes crazy about my criticism of his long and not very good piece on 12th Congressional District Candidate Ro Khanna. And, like Phil Bronstein before him, he takes the usual cheap shot at my colorful past. You know, if you want me to take you guys seriously, you’re going to have to do better than four-year-old discredited allegations that no one but me seems to remember very accurately. It’s sad.
Here’s Byrne’s letter, without edits:

i do not normally read rudderless blogs, but your inaccurate post about my khanna article came to my attention. You seem to have spent more time reading Khanna’s obsessive compulsive response than you spent on my well-researched piece. khanna’s spin docs are lying when they say i did not ask him about job outsourcing. i did, and his response is accurately quoted in my article.
TIE is a non-profit network for Indian American venture capitalists, many of whom are investing in outsourcing. and you are wrong when you say Vinod Khosla has left Kleiner Perkins. check out (you might want to run your own correction on that, chris)
As for the dumb “racism” charges, the VCs did snort and growl. So what? And they were nerdy. so what? they are, after all, software engineers!
khanna is parsing words when he denies not being in favor of outsourcing. read his stuff carefully. where does he support legislation against it, for instance? nowhere. and he clearly shares lantos positions on Iraq and the Patriot Act. and 95 percent of his supporters are vc-types who are opposed to lantos’ anti-NAFTA stance.
And as for his character: check out the articles in the San Mateo newspaper about Bill Clinton sending a letter to then papers last week accusing Khanna of “misleading” the voters of the 12th District by sending out mailers with a pic of Clinton and Khanna and implying an endorsement. Or look at the articles that just appeared about Khanna running afoul of the campaign finance laws at the Univ. of Chicago when he had to resign from student government.
paper (and html) will put up with whatever is written on it, chris, but you ought to have asked me to clarify whatever troubled you before persevervating so inaccurately your private little blog-realm.

I offered Byrne a chance to edit or revise his comments so, at a minimum he’d be a little more polite. I also responded to some of his criticism of my critique. In essence, I repeated what I said Friday: The story is unfocused, it wanders and in trying to cover a difficult subject — many difficult subjects — it made some assumptions that aren’t vaild.
Here’s his response to that.
my story does NOT say that TIE was set up to outsource jobs. you need to reread it. plus, rekhi was one of the inventors of TCP protocol and has an engineering degree. and, yes, Khosla is in India but he is still with KP, or at least he was when I wrote the story. i find your little opinion blog to be both specious and fatuous, and i shan’t be looking at it again. if you want to see some *real* racism in our culture: go see Lord of the Rings Part III. or look at American foreign policy in Iraq and Israel.
p.s. is blogging what happens to journalists when they are kicked out of the profession? god help us all.

I’ll miss you, Pete. You’re clearly a close reader. I have written about American foreign policy, in Iraq anyway. As for getting “kicked out” of the profession, I wouldn’t be in such a hurry to write me off so soon. Other bloggers include Andrew Sullivan and Mickey Kaus and well, uh, what they say counts for a bit, now doesn’t it?

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