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Keep Hope Alive. Please.


Man. Just when it was looking as though being a progressive Liberal wasn’t some sort of redundant joke – what the Sentinel is calling the Gay Marriage Rebellion — the San Francisco School Board has to come along and, well, embarrass everyone.
The school board has been debating a plan to ban irradiated meat from school cafeterias. It’s been debating this plan, brought forth by the Green Party members of the board, for four months. It’s going to have yet another meeting on the subject this week.

Oh, one little fact: San Francisco schools don’t serve irradiated meat. So the board is banning something it doesn’t do.
There’s hope, however. Today’s Chron has an easy-to-overlook interview with recently appointed School Board member Heather Hiles. Hiles, a black Lesbian who worked on Mayor Gavin Newsom’s campaign, has taken the measure of her fellow board members and promptly started positioning for the November elections, when her name will appear on the ballot.
Thankfully, she’s not holding back in assessing the chaos around her.
“I don’t think my colleagues have been taught how to run efficient meetings and stay focused on the business and not get bogged down in politics, ” she said. “I’m really surprised because I’ve never sat on a board that’s so inefficient. … I’m not suggesting that I’m doing anything super, but the bar is so low right now that it’s not hard to step over it.”

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