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Drunk and Drunker


The Fagan family — former police chief Alex and his son, now disgraced cop, Alex Jr. — really know how to protect their good name, don’t they?
The two got into some kind of public brawl in Scottsdale, Ariz. over the weekend and the dumber Fagan — Jr. — got arrested. That’s right. The fomer police chief — the guy who fought to keep his job — and his son were fighting. In public. And they were drunk.
How dumb is that?
The fight apparently started when the two rocket scientists were discussing the dumber and younger Fagan’s involvement in the street brawl known as “Fajitagate.” Fajitagate — the fight where Alex Jr. is alleged to have beaten up a Union Street bartender for a late-night dinner of left-over (and probably not very warm) Mexican food — helped Alex Sr. out of the police chief’s job.
Alex Sr. is such a bright light he probably thinks it’s his kid’s fault he didn’t get to keep the big job with the big pension. And how dumb is that?

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