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An Acorn


In this week’s Fortune – cover date March 22 – I have a story about Propel Software CEO (best known as Infoseek founder) Steve Kirsch and his unique political donation requirement.
If you’re a pol and you want Kirsch’s cash, you have to come up with a “top ten” list of goals – stuff you’re going to try and do if you’re elected.
I stumbled on this story a few months ago when I was thinking – for a book proposal that didn’t exactly wow the New York publishing types – about “Progressive Libertarians.” I think Kirsch is a good example, not just because he’s throwing his weight around but because he’s trying to enact reforms using business criteria and metrics. Progressives from the last century loved reform and Libertarians are the party of business.
Serious politicians like to make fun of guys outside the system with wacky new ideas – and the defeat of the Dean campaign has given them one good justification – but Kirsch is one of those guys who, as a Republican pal of mind observed a few weeks ago, wins more than he loses. A bunch of his other winning ideas – he’s the anti-junk fax guy and the guy who got legal permission for hybrid vehicles to use car pool lanes here in California – are up at his home page. Steve, believe or not, isn’t a ‘blogger. Not yet, anyway.

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