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Wild, Wild, Life Cont’d.


What happened when the gay marriage protestor went to San Francisco City Hall?
He ran into a queen.
As recounted by both The Chron and The Ex, marriage officiant Bill Jones gave no snaps up to Jake Olthof, a 37-year-old who drove up from Santa Cruz to make a citizen’s arrest.
According to The Chron:
The man proceeded to follow Jones down the hall, saying he was performing a citizen’s arrest.
“I thought he was kidding,” said Jones, of San Rafael. “I was giving him all this campy stuff, saying, ‘Yes, arrest me — I love a man in uniform.’ ”

The Ex gives Jones the last word:
“The guy was serious, I mean he was dead serious. I’m the one who was laughing him off,” Jones said. “But the point is, I have tickets for the Lion King tonight and I didn’t want to spend it in the whose cow [jail].”

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