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The Right Star Power


By popular demand, according to his spokeswoman, Gov. Terminator has emblazoned his name over the door to his office. Sacramento Bee columnist Dan Weintraub has posted a nifty picture and a little history: until a movie star landed in Sacramento, the sign just said, “Governor.”
Reason for the change? Tourists want a piece of the Terminator. And it’s a lot easier to have them take pictures of the words “Arnold Schwarzenegger” rather than have them lurking around looking for the guy himself or stealing matches or spoons or whatever else they could get cart off.
That’s star power. That’s not the only manifestation, however.
Next day, holding their noses and gritting their teeth, the state’s Democrats start falling in line to endorse – oh, go ahead, twist their arms – the $15 billion bond issue deal that voters will know as Props. 57 and 58. We knew this was going to happen but it’s nice when a plan comes together.
TV ads starring Gov. Terminator and Silicon Valley fave Controller Steve Westly started running yesterday.
Coincidence? Sure it is.
Oh, and keep an eye on Westly during this ballot initiative campaign. It won’t be too hard, among other places he’s popping up at San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club on the 26th for a lunch time speech. Once he was raising eyebrows for supporting Schwarzenegger on the budget deal. Now, it seems, Westly was ahead of the pack, picking up a little bit of traction in what continues to be an interesting – and highly public rivalry – with State Treasurer Phil Angelides. That might look like a fight between two medium-level government wonks but make no mistake, the choices that Schwarzenegger is forcing Democrats to make are choices the party is going to have to make up and down the state and across the country. And, in this first skirmish, well, the traditionalists — the partisans — didn’t win. It may be the first time but it won’t be the last.

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