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Out-Gunned. Not Out Manned


It’s recently become chic in Democratic Party circles, to bemoan the absence of a Liberal apparatus to rival the Republicans. There are some Lefty think thanks – Brookings Institution, is the best known — but no system, no way for Liberal voices to get their messages out in an orchestrated way. Liberals simply haven’t written the checks necessary to support their way of thinking.
Well, here at we have our own take on that. Proof of Lefty stinginess! In this week of fundraising, Republican readers (by which I mean serious conservatives who work for what many readers would refer to as the Prince of Darkness) support out does liberal (or even moderate) Dems! The difference is $190 in the GOP’s favor. And, remember, this is a San Francsico-based ‘blog. That $190 is, I admit is a rough divison of subscribers I know, so it’s skewed. But still — it’s more than six basic subscriptions!
Support for web logs like this isn’t going to make anyone rich. But it does provide a way to defray expense and, more importantly, it’s a measure – for potential advertisers – about the site’s readers, their loyalty and their interest. In the long run, that will keep sites like this up and running and commenting. And if I didn’t think that wasn’t important, I wouldn’t be doing this.
So, now you have another reason to click that little PayPal button over there on the right, whip out your credit card and buy a subscription ($25 for the occasional reader, more if you’re here all the time). If you prefer to pay by check, send a that little slip of paper to, 1819 Polk Street, SF 94109.
Thanks. Only a day or two more of this. But it can end sooner – it’s up to you, you cheap Commie.

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