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Mo’ Money


Our fund-drive has been a real success – the Geek will be drinking Red Bull for at least six months – so we’ll quit bothering you after today.
But it’s not too late! It’s never too late. You can still help grow and prosper. Just click that little PayPal button over there and viola, er, that’s Voila! you’re spending money. They take credit cards of all sorts as well as cash payments.
How much? It’s entirely up to you. I’m suggesting $25 for the occasional visitor. This is an election year and you’re going to check back from time to time. Come by more regularly? Find yourself really in tune with what you’re reading? How ’bout $75. And if you’re doing this for a living – this political thing – well, you can be more generous. It’s your job.
Don’t want to pay that way? Send a check to, 1819 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA 94109.
Think all of this is silly? Then you should be buying an ad! Only three weeks until that pesky primary! Send an email. We’ll give you viewer info, statistics galore, and a rate card.

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