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Contest: Spot the Error. Win a Drink. On Me.


San Francisco Magazine’s freelancer, the fabulous and funny Sheerly Avni, has turned her attention to what she correctly describes as a “pissing match” between me and San Francisco Chronicle editor Phil Bronstein in this month’s magazine.
It’s a very brief item that purports to be about reporting and reporting on reporting and the problems with blogging. Which is pretty funny because between them, Avni and her fact-checker, SF Mag Research Editor Justine Sharrock made a mistake; a glaring factual error that they say they’re going to correct…
The brief item is here. Go and see if you can find the mistake. A free drink – coffee or better – will go to the winner provided, of course, you’re here in the Bay area (no one else should have to read that stupid mag). Bonus points – extra whipped cream or martini olives – if you can name the men who most recent Bronstein squeeze (if SF got this right which I heard they actually did) Christine Borders used to date. Extra special credit if you can name her Menlo Park-based business.
Employees of San Francisco magazine are not eligible.
UPDATE: SF Mag has corrected its mistake on its web site. Nice of them. But the glaring factual error remains in the magazine. So the contest continues and “no,” to the smart ass who wrote in suggesting that it was a mistake to call Bronstein a journalist. Nah. Phil has pretty decent news judgement. He’s just got a paper-thin skin.

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