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Gov. Terminator is hitting his stride, acting like a real pol. It’s a nice show to watch.
First, off to New York City to raise money for the bond initiative, Props. 56 and 57, on the ballot next month. Entry fee to meet the former body builder and retired movie star? As high as $500,000. With that kind of money being tossed around, I’m almost afraid to turn on the television.
Next a meeting in Silicon Valley to chat with movers and shakers there about making it cheaper to do business in California. Opponents of Proposition J, the San Francisco “workforce housing” initiative should be sure to read to the bottom of that story to see how closely the valley links affordable housing and economic prosperity.
In between, an endorsement of a fellow Republican who supports the bond issue – something of a make or break issue for the gov. But a Schwarzenegger advisor (Hi Marty!) says the Gov. isn’t making any more endorsements – a sign that he’s not spreading his popularity too thin. He knows its importance. And that’s important.
Now, you’d think that strategic thinking like that, along with his hanging out with New York Governor George Pataki would be enough to make people outside the state think of Arnold Schwarzenegger as a serious Republic Party player. But it looks like it’s going to take a while. But they’ll catch on. Particularly if Propositions 56 and 57 pass. Which, given all that money and star power, they probably will.
Schwarzenegger’s working the move star thing big time. It’s a shrewd and creative use of political capital and it looks like it might work. I hesitate to disagree with Sacramento Bee columnist Dan Weintraub in this case, I think he’s making the wrong call on what Gov. Terminator can and can’t do in terms of public support.
If Democratic turn-out is as high here as it’s been in other states, Schwarzenegger could have a tough fight on his hands over the budget stuff. Realizing they don’t have the cash, or for that matter the better arguments, the state’s Democrats are certainly trying to embarrass him into a corner. But, well, the groping, grinning governor isn’t a guy who gets shamed into very much, now is he? Besides, isn’t this the same guy who saved Western Civilization as we know it? Okay, yeah, it was at the movies. But in these days of supposedly spontaneous “wardrobe failure,” and disappearing weapons caches who can tell the difference?

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