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There’s an Echo Out There


Didja see the front page of the NYTimes in which the Bush Administration talks about an amnesty program for those who have entered the country illegally?
This isn’t news for those of you who are regular readers. More immodesty, I know. But I like it when I scoop the Times.
This is one hell of a smart political move, one that will undoubtedly catch the Democrats flat-footed. It’s aimed at California, of course but also, more broadly, at Western and Southern states where Republicans are expected to do well in November. Those red states.
The local politics of this are going to be very interesting. Although we don’t have details about who and how people will qualify for this non-amnesty amnesty (today’s sub-themes), these newly legal residents are going to have a tremendous impact, fiscally and politically. And don’t forget, we’re not just talking about Latin and South America; this includes Asian immigrants, too. And that, for San Francisco and Silicon Valley is very important.
One more thing: it’s a pretty safe bet that the nation’s most visible and popular immigrant success story – the Terminator himself – will be front and center on this thing. The politics there are going to be downright fascinating. The Republicans would love love love to “take back” California. And Arnold on immigration is a good way to start. Not to mention all the favors and chits he can collect from The White House – chits and favors that might come in handy, oh, say around budget deal time.

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