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Talking the Talk


Check out Bee political columnist Dan Weintraub’s analysis of Schwarzenegger’s “State of the State” speech. The Terminator means business – in every sense of the word.
Here’s the most important part:
The centerpiece of the relatively brief address was probably Schwarzenegger’s call for “radical” ideas to overhaul state government. He said he would appoint a commission to oversee a team of civil servants to conduct a top-to-bottom review of the government, examining every program to determine if it is still needed and, if so, whether it can be managed more effectively.
“Every governor proposes moving boxes around to reorganize government,” Schwarzenegger said. “I don’t want to move the boxes around. I want to blow them up.”
Calling the executive branch a “mastodon frozen in time” and “about as responsive,” the governor said he wants to consolidate departments with overlapping responsibilities, abolish boards and commissions that serve no pressing need, and modernize a state purchasing system that he called archaic and expensive. “I plan a total review of government – its performance, its practices, its cost.”

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