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So, You Really Want to Win This Thing, Huh Howard?


Long-time Al Gore associate — he was his nice guy side in the U.S. Senate — former head of the United States Telephone Association during the writing of the 1996 Telecommuncations Act, former Clinton White House Chief of Staff (briefly) Roy Neel is going to run Howard Dean’s campaign.
So much for that outsider status. Put away the Kool-aid. This sucker’s about winning.
The Geeks are going to riot. Geeks hate the telecom act because of the indecency provisions. Geeks hate USTA because of its resistence to all kinds of changes in how the phone business works. Geeks hate Washington and Roy Neel, God love him, his sense of humor and his irrepressible sense of mischief (he really was Gore’s laugh track) is a Washington insider, the kind they’re going to stop making soon. He’s a hired gun. And he’s very good at what he does.
This is all happening sooner than I thought. Blogosphere, meet political reality. Political reality, er, oh, you don’t really care that much about a bunch of guys sitting in front of computers, do you?
UPDATE: Who’s screaming now? Dan Gillmor, Doc Searls. More moderate objections: Dave Winer who will probably have a little more tomorrow, and Talking Points Josh Micah Marshall who weighs in with the Geeky Insider’s perspective (when you make The New Yorker, you’re Big Media and that’s inside).
Winer’s line about CNN is a keeper. Yup, CNN will be nicer to the Dean people. Roy Neel is one of the great media schmoozers of our time.

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