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Everyone’s email has been screwy this past week so guess what? pledge week has been extended!
Life is too good, huh?
I know you want to help support a political web log that talks about Dean Presidential Campaign “CEO” Roy Neel’s charm and Blog Emperor Doc Searls’ intellectual firepower don’t you? Just this week, this ‘blog talked about the division between the outsiders supporting Dean and the political establishment. Great timing. Good info. You can’t ask for more.
Here are your choices, you kind person, you:
* Buy an advertisement (call or email for details; it’s not a lot of money).
* Send money directly (see that little PayPal sign over there? They take credit cards). For those of you who do this political stuff for a living, $75 would be nice. For those of you just stopping by from time to time — $25 — less than your local newspaper subscription. And more fun!
• Do nothing. Then feel very guilty because while you’re happy to take advantage of a new, vibrant form of political journalism, you’re not willing to pony up to support it financially.
The choice is yours.
Oh, and no, this isn’t going to be a weekly thing. If we can raise enough money to keep the lights on, the phones connected, the server humming and the Geeks in Red Bull, we’ll stop. For a whole year.

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