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Grrrl Geek


Well, finally, we know why Howard Dean does so well with Geeks.
He’s married to one.
That’s not an insult. As Girl Geeks everywhere can tell you – if you can get them to look up from their books/coding/work/whatever is more interesting than small talk – Dr. Judy Steinberg is one of them. She doesn’t wear make-up. She doesn’t watch “Sex in the City” (she doesn’t have cable). She doesn’t cook. She doesn’t own any $850-dollar shoes. I’ll be she’s never had a pedicure and chances are good she wouldn’t be able to pick out Mona Charen from Maureen Dowd if you held a gun to her head. Dr. Steinberg doesn’t like politics.
She’s also, it seems, a bit more practical than people – by this I mean the notebook wielders — realize. Judy Steinberg is working, rather than politicking because someone is going to have to pay the Dean kids’ college tuition. The family is wealthy, for sure. But they’re not Kerry rich. It’s not a spigot. And Howard Dean can’t go back to his old gig as governor. So Dr. Steinberg is, right now, the main breadwinner in her family, having taken on her husband’s practice while he’s off trying to become president. If she don’t work, she don’t get paid. And, more importantly, the practice the two doctors have spent years building would fall apart in a second if both of them left town. Doctoring is not something you can do long distance. Howard Dean is out of the MD business, at least until November when, possibly, he can return to Vermont. If he does return to the state, it makes even less sense for his wife to also abandon their business which, politics aside, is doctoring.
So Judy Steinberg earns a living and accumulates the contempt of other working women, women who really should know better than to listen to a bunch of (mostly male) political consultants talk about the odd nature of the Steinberg/Dean marriage. I’d like to take a close look at some of the odd arrangements those people consider marriages.
These are guys who spend months at a time away from home, whose view of the world emanates from the cushier neighborhoods of Washington, D.C. and New York and whose wives, well, let’s just say they don’t travel as much, drink as much or sleep in as many strange rooms as their schmoozy husbands do when they’re working on the campaign trail. But when a candidate’s wife does what those spouses do – stays homes and takes care of the kids and house — she’s odd and the marriage is in need of a cure before voters will accept this new odd modern arrangement.

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