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Like the new look? The one specially designed to make money? There will be a few more fixes in the days to come – and is accepting ads of most shapes and sizes – so don’t be shy, send us a little cash. Critiques and comments, too.
Why? Well, we gotta pay rent, feed the geeks, and keep the phones turned on. So as you’re figuring out what to give, remember this is the web log that, among other things, has looked ahead and predicted the Bush immigration proposals, run down the tensions at work in the coming San Francisco
ballot initiative battle
and presented the commonsense argument on why Dr. Judy Steinberg Dean isn’t on the campaign trail. It’s a ‘blog that’s obsessed with the relationship between corporate behavior and politics and a kind of new politician I call the Progressive Libertarian (see Arnold Schwarzenegger). If you’re reading this, chances are good you are one.
How much should you give? If you’re coming by once a week saying “hmmmm” and stealing (woops! I mean repeating) what you read at dinner parties, I’d say, $25 would do nicely. If you’re a regular reader, more than once a week, you might want to think about a larger contribution, say $75. And if you’re a political junkie, consultant, elected official, or anyone whose job involves getting people to vote, you have two choices, both good. You should buy an ad (email for details) or make a regular sustaining contribution. We’re not proud, we’ll bill you.
I’m going to copy a page from PBS and blogger extraordinaire Andrew Sullivan and dedicate this week to raising money. So we’ll be back in a day or so reminding you that PayPal accepts all kinds of credit cards and that we’re more than happy to talk with you about ad specifications.

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