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A Bigger Stick


It’s hard to look at what’s going on in Sacramento without thinking of Yogi Berra.
It’s deja vue all over again. Only this time, the reporters watching The Terminator are pronouncing themselves pleasantly suprised to see how, um, effective he is.
Schwarzenegger’s budget is tight and mean. Sen. John Burton calls it full of despair. Cities and towns up and down the state are squawking that the money the Governor “returned” last year is now being taken away. Uh. Yeah. This is a man — a former body builder — who really understands the meaning of the phrase ‘no pain, no gain.’
Experienced Arnoldista Jill Stewart spelled it out last time around. This week, Stewart’s predicting – or is that suggesting? — that Schwarzenegger will start making nice to Democrats in order to cut a deal. And, she says, Democrats better straighten – or is that belt tighten up – and fly right. Right again.
We’ll see how nice Schwarzenegger is as all this deal-cutting unfolds. There’s plenty of room for negotiation as Schwarzenegger proved with the $2 billion deal he cut with the teachers association; a transaction as unexpected in its financial impact as it has been in its political impact. If he can do that, well, hmmmmm…things could get very interesting. That’s, of course, if they don’t get intensely nasty.

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