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Names in the News


Who who who will Mayor-elect Gavin Newsom pick to replace himself on the SF Board of Superviors?
The smartest idea I’ve heard yet is that he should pick someone who isn’t going to seek re-election. It’s not like it’s a hostile neighborhood. Anyone running in District 2 is probably going to be a Newsom supporter once they get on the Board. It’s that kind of place.
The names haven’t changed much since the election. They are Newsom friends and supporters, Meg Levitan or Janet Reilly, SF Port Commissioner Michela Alioto, along with Jim and Ann Lazarus.
Reilly is the one getting all the attention. Her husband, developer, big Democrat and former mayoral candidate, Clint, is pushing hard on her behalf, according to a number of folks who know what’s going on with Newsom’s campaign.
There are good reasons to appoint Janet Reilly. She’s qualified – and don’t give me that, she’s as qualifed as Supervisor Chris Daly and better mannered. And it would be a big favor to Clint who really did a lot for the campaign. Like the appointment Newsom made for former rival, Angela Alioto, it’s better to have Reilly inside the tent and in politics, sometimes that’s the only reason you need, particularly with a guy as famously ill-tempered — in a city where grudge matches are as common as flies — as Clint Reilly.
But there’s a big, big negative. Reilly’s appointment will give Newsom’s opponents the opportunity to point and say, see, pay-off. Business as usual. It’ll upset all the goodie-goo, good government who think the tent is some kind of special club just for them and their pet causes. That crowd is still reeling from the Alioto appointment. And given all the heat over Prop J and its looming reputation as a pay-off for the city’s real estate community, well, uh, you can see names other than Reilly are being floated.

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