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Banana Peel


The workforce housing wars have started. And I’m not helping.
In the “Crystal Ball 2004” predictions, I called Prop J a bond measure. Blame it on the flu. Here’s how Alex Clemens corrected me: “It’s not a bond – it’s a market-driven option for housing builders. In two areas of town, if builders want to build more densely, Planning will allow them to do so – if they build 39% of their units as affordable to low- and average-income families. No public funds, no tax dollars, totally optional for builders.”
Okay. So now go read today’s Ex piece which – hey, Adriel, your editors not working Sundays? – pretty much says the ballot initiative benefits only the wealthy and not the poor. Bias anyone?
I say again. I will say a thousand times: more housing is better than what we have now. The Chamber, which is hot for Prop J because they think it will “revitalize” downtown is probably over-stating their case (that’s their job) but more housing means cheaper housing. And, in housing, cheaper is better.

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