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Jim Ross, Newsom’s campaign manager, writes in with this reaction to the Hearts and Minds and View From the Field, entries from yesterday.
“I think you hit on the point why Matt has not really climbed over 41% in any credible poll. He has run a predominately negative campaign. You can rally the troops and the base with a campaign against someone but in the words of Harvey Milk “You’ve gotta give them hope.” And that means a positive message. Here we are with five days until the election and I do not think any voter can tell you what Gonzalez’s message is beyond being anti-Newsom. While I do not think anyone will question our willingness to go after an opponent, I also understand that you have to give people a reason to vote for your candidate.
“The clock is running out for Gonzalez to articulate that message, mail must be dropped at the post office by tomorrow if it is going to get out to voters, and TV really takes a week at a minimum to burn through. The election is not over by a long shot but it is coming down to a contest of turn-out and while that is not very interesting to most members of the media, it is what wins this type of election.
“Jim Ross
Campaign Manager
Gavin Newsom For Mayor”

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