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The SFWeekly’s John Mecklin loads up his shotgun and goes after The Chron and the Bay Guardian with an enthusiasm that’s positively heart-warming. Go, John, Go!
Mecklin ends up endorsing Green Party Mayoral candidate Matt Gonzalez but along the way, trashing his newspaper competitors left and right, he does a fine job making the case for both candidates. Mecklin draws the same lines as the guy in the post below who is supporting Democrat Gavin Newsom.
This election is indeed a fight for the votes of the city’s newest residents. The Chron, bolstered this observation a bit when it attached an interesting chart to a dumb story about income levels being a motivator in voting (Duh!). But check this out: My ‘hood, up here on the hills of D2 has the same income levels as The Castro, Noe and part – just parts but part nevertheless – of The Mission.
I’m not sure I wholeheartedly agree with Mecklin about Gonzalez. The campaign is simply too sloppy for my taste, too quick to point the finger of indignant righteousness. But Mecklin’s generous comments and his fair-minded assessment of what’s going on out there is well worth the read.
This is a big step for Gonzalez, particularly for folks like the guy quoted below. The SFWeekly may be free but it’s influential partly because it’s a good little newspaper. Need proof? Check out today’s Chron Business section rehash of a story the SFWeekly did in October.

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