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Chicken or Egg? Egg. For Sure.


So, did Green Party candidate Matt Gonzalez energize San Francisco’s young voters or did young voters, energized by national politics, help Gonzalez?
The Chron says it’s all local.
Amazingly enough, I disagree. Here’s why: the interviews the local daily did with Gonzalez supporters sound a whole lot like the interviews The New York Times did a few weeks ago with Dean supporters.
I think the anti-WTO, anti-globlization movement – of which the Green Party is an important part and which has deep roots in this community – the anti-war efforts, and the new interest younger folks are taking in Howard Dean’s campaign, all helped Gonzalez rack up the impressive vote total that he received. But, as Sen. John Burton points out to The Chron, it’s going to be very hard momentum to keep.
Going from a rousing anti-war rally to a “people’s campaign” for mayor is very different from running a nuts-and-bolts, little press, even less money, community college board election. It may sound perfectly plausible but, well, we’ll see how it plays in real life. Ya gotta have a taste for the game to stay in those small contests where ideology is often trumped by more down-to-earth considerations.

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