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Any Way You Can


Speaking of lying, let’s talk for a second about the charges and counter-charges spinning around over the “Mary Green” email circulated, encouraging protestors at former vice president Al Gore’s appearance with Newsom.
There are a lot of ways to get access to a computer network, particularly a computer network run for and by volunteers. There’s wi-fi, that wireless miracle where you can boost a little bandwidth if you know the password. There’s the in-house network available to anyone with a laptop and an Ethernet card.
You wanna take a guess how many people on Van Ness Street have that password or, more importantly, how long it’s been since they were changed. That doesn’t mean the Gonzalez guys sent the mail. It could have been the Newsom people. But remember, what the great Kevin Mitnick would be happy to tell you, the best hacks don’t have anything to do with engineering skill. They’re usually successful because someone tells you how to do the job.
That doesn’t mean the Gonzalez folks are off the hook. It does mean their finger-pointing isn’t on the money. Let’s just say that every scenario that’s been played out by either side is, given a little time, a smart geek and some luck, perfectly plausible.
And remember, change your passwords every six months – minimum.

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