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A View from The Field


The closer it gets to election day – that’s next Tuesday, Dec. 9 – it looks as though Green Party candidate Matt Gonzalez is giving Democrat Gavin Newsom a run for his money.
That’s before Al Gore came to town and Matt Gonzalez, stealing a page from Gray Davis’s oppo boys, “discovered” that Newsom had given money to the Republican party.
Dopey grand-standing aside, Gonzalez is giving Gavin a hard time for all the right reasons. And one particularly fertile bit of territory is the city’s new tech rich. They’re not – to a surprising degree giving how much money they’re sitting on – all nuts for Newsom.
There is perhaps no better illustration than the reaction that a young – oh, he’s in his mid-thirties now – guy had when he attended the Great American Music Hall fundraiser for Gonzalez dubbed “Musicians for Matt.” (Cake played so I was more than bummed not to go because I, of course, have a looooooooooong jacket).
This thirty-something entrepreneur says he’s a Newsom supporter but he lives in the Mission and all his friends are Gonzalez supporters so maybe he’ll go, learn something. “I am pro-Newsom but I have a group of friends who are trying to reform me,’’ he says before adding that he doesn’t want his name used. You’ll see why.
“I am intrigued by Gonzalez,’’ he said. “My heart is with a lot of what he says.” All went well, for a while, the guy says. Gonzalez is well-spoken and he’s scoring points talking about the viability of a three-party system and why it’s good to have voices other than those of the establishment. “Then he sort of snaps,’’ the entrepreneur says of Gonzalez who exhorts his followers: “Vote for me because Newsom and his people are a bunch of fucking liars.”
The guy – no prude – says he was taken aback. “You don’t say it yourself,’’ he said. “You get your underlings to do it.” Spoken like a CEO, huh? But the business guy has another point: regardless of who wins, the loser is going to be the most powerful person on the SF Board of Supervisors. So what’s with the trash talk? “This is sort of relationships 101,’’ the guy said. “I was expecting to be very impressed by the man,’’ he added. “I just thought the potty mouth was a little much.”

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