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Oh, Yes, Kettle, I am Black


The back and forth on who’s got the more ethical campaign racheted up a notch over the long holiday weekend. This is getting to be just a little silly. And more boring than I can say. No one can “prove” they’re more ethical. It’s something you demonstrate. That’s why making that argument as a campaign platform is stupid. It’s setting landmines in a field with a map that’s drawn in the dark.
But, well that’s what this election has come to. Here are the highlights: Frank Gallagher fires a shot at Gonzalez for allegedly high-jacking a City Hall event. And the two campaigns swap hacker creds trying to figure out who sent out an email inviting people to protest Al Gore’s San Francisco appearance on Newsom’s behalf. Let’s just leave it at this: computer systems are usually more vulnerable than they seem. Just ask the NYTimes. And IP addresses, well, they can sometimes be misleading if you know what you’re doing. Anyway, The Ex tells you all about it.
Tech lessons indeed.
Oh, and Al Gore? Al Gore?

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