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Worlds Collide


The Wall Street Journal’s David Bank is on to a very good story. Do you think he knows it?
In today’s paper, Bank talks about how financier and philanthropic reformer George Soros and hard-nosed philanthropist and drug-law reformer Peter Lewis are backing, the Berkeley-based, computer-money-financed political organization that’s looking more and more like a well-financed political machine. That’s not the insult you think it is. Mechanics get people elected. Just ask Howard Dean’s Campaign Manager Joe Trippi.
MoveOn’s desire to change politics as we know it, Lewis’ bottom-line oriented attitude toward philanthrophy and Soros’ unrepentant rich-guy’s bossiness, are another example of how Progressive Libertarians are changing politics. They’re changing philanthrophy, too (which, in this country is pretty close to politics), taking a organized, step-by-step business-plan like approach to the world around them.
What Soros, MoveOn, and Lewis aim for isn’t that different form what Craig Newmark is up to. It feeds the privacy reform stuff that eLoan’s Chris Larsen has been steadily promoting. It’s fueling, if not encouraging, political performance pranksters like John Gilmore.
And these millionaires are just getting started.

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