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For that, we have The Note, ABC Network’s political desk cheat-sheet on the election.
Today, mentioning that Dean has sewn up two key union endorsements — and the cash that will come with them — The Note spells out the secrets to his candidacy’s success.
Here are the most important:
“#6. At the same time, some of Dean’s explanations for his alleged inconsistencies and flip flops are actually pretty convincing.
#7. Dean’s core supporters don’t care about Sunday show gaffes and pratfalls, New York Times editorials, or what Terry McAuliffe or the Dingells think.
#8. People actually listen to Dean talk at his events.
#9. Dean’s willingness to cede control to volunteers in the states for planning events and executing political activities is an act of confidence and strength, and has directly resulted in his drawing unprecedentedly large crowds and building genuine grassroots support.”
This is essentially what a Google employee — who compared Dean to The West Wing’s Jed Bartlett with a slight sense of irony — said last week after Dean showed up there. She was mailing off a check, too.
See, eight and nine are the keys here. People actually listen to Dean at his events because, uh, he talks to them and that has them thinking this election is about what they want him to do (no. 9) not about what he wants them to do for him. And he doesn’t much care — nor do they (no. 7) — what the folks who think they’re running politics have to say about that. Because those people — as Arnold Schwarzenegger can happily tell you — don’t know as much as they think they do.
There’s something going on here. And it’s getting just a little bit clearer.

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