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Tit for Tat, Part Two


GavinTech, whoever the hell they are, aren’t the only sinners around. The Gonzalez campaign should be facing scrutiny in a variety of ways – from its own constituency – that it’s not.
Much has been made of Gonzalez’s babe-quotient. I didn’t believe it until I saw it but chicks (the kind who date guys like the one who sent the GavinTech invite, by the way) dig Gonzalez..
The campaign guys — and it’s mostly guys as JoeFire has pointed out – dig them, too, it seems. “Food, music, and beautiful models will be included,’’ reads a flyer for an October fundraiser at the Elbo Room. It’s probably a joke. But still. That’s business as usual in politics, of course but it’s time the parties of change in the city – because that’s what Gonzalez is claiming to be – paid attention to the details.
Oh, and one last thing. That same Elbow Room invite? It has an RSVP number. It’s a City Hall exchange for someone who works at the San Francisco PUC.
That’s the Public Utilities Commission, a powerful but, uh, until recently, somewhat neglected government agency.

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