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There Must Be A Way Out of Here


Rarely do you get to read an editorial as insulting as the one that appears in this week’s Bay Guardian. Go get a copy — good thing it’s free — so you can see just how dumb the dolts at the Guardian think you are.
In “Daly’s Coup,” the writers praise San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly’s guerrilla PUC appointments — the ones he made in the few hours where he was acting mayor — saying they’re reminiscent of Mayor Willie Brown’s backroom shenanigans.
“Sure there are what the left-liberals like to call ‘process issues’ here. Sure, in an ideal world, Daly wouldn’t usurp the mayor’s prerogative and fill two vacant posts while holding what is normally a ceremonial position,” Guardian editors write. “But let’s be serious here. What exactly did Daly do wrong?”
Daly, says the Guardian, was just doing what Willie’s done throughout his career. The ends justify the means because this time around, a good cause — the people’s cause — is being served, not the cause of established entrenched elites.
Yup. The people. That band of ignorant sloths too stupid to see that the logic employed here is no more sophisticated than that of a three-year-old wanting a new toy. Because. Because I want to, that’s why.
Well, one of the nice things about the left is that some of them still have the sense — and the sensibility — God gave them.
As Marc Solomon said in a letter to the San Francisco Sentinel: “Brown pulls this kind of crap. We don’t. That’s what makes us different. That’s what makes us better.”

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