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Rock, Paper, Scissors


They have two different styles and two, not-so-different, ways of looking at the world but mayoral candidates Matt Gonzalez and Gavin Newsom proved last night that they’re pretty well matched when it comes to debating. It was a tie.
Moderated by KQED’s unflappable Michael Krasny – who might just be the best interviewer in California – Green Party candidate Gonzalez and Democrat Newsom went at each other for just about an hour. Each landed a few punches.
Gonzalez got Newsom on campaign finance – they both missed the point but Gonzalez got the “spending cap” cap credit if you believe Rachel Gordon’s story in today’s Chron. Newsom got points on substance – he clearly knows how the city works and has strong feelings about what needs to be done. He did fine defending Care Not Cash and the aggressive panhandling ban but those are issues on which voters have made up their minds. There were no extra credit points to be made. Gonzalez did good job of looking less flakey and more interested in City Hall reform than he has in the past but Newsom landed a solid punch with his questions about Gonzalez relationships with Democrats and on women’s issues.
One subtlety: Newsom’ invocaton of Supervisor Tom Ammiano on a range of policies and ideas. And Gonzalez’ seeming refusal to utter that same name.
Krasny call the whole thing “a debate, a ceremony, a ritual.” Consider yourselves blest.

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