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Rino and Dino


He was leaving Washington, D.C. headquarters of the Wesley Clark campaign. Then he headed for Costa Rica for vacation. But now Donnie Fowler has made a right turn to Sacramento.
Fowler, former VP of Silicon Valley TechNet’s Democratic efforts is working on the Schwarzenegger transition. That’s not the same as working for the administration. Transitions are all about filling state jobs. But it gives Fowler some influence. So be nice to him.
Plenty of Dems are on the Arnold bandwagon including SF Mayor Willie Brown. But Fowler’s got some serious political muscle going for him nationally. His dad, Don Fowler, is the former head of the Democratic National Committee.
This, of course, is the kind of stuff that drives the WSJ editorial board nuts but makes people who voted for Arnold think “Republican in Name Only” (RINO) isn’t such a bad deal. Silicon Valley, for one, has always had trouble picking sides.g

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