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Paging Dr. Freud…


The boys over at Matt for Mayor had a pretty funny subject line on the e-mail they sent around inviting folks to their Saturday press conference, the one triggered by The Chron story about the roles that truth, lies, fact, fiction play in campaign literature. (Abridged version of story: it depends on who’s doing the talking).
“WHAT: West Side leaders come out in support of Matt Gonzalez for Mayor and in commendation of Gavin Newsom’s disinformation,” says the subject line of the e-mail sent around
Gentlemen, “commendation” is praise. You know, commending someone – that’s pointing out their good works. The word you’re looking for – someone over there’s heard of a dictionary, they got it right on the website – is condemnation.
Also, while we’re on the subject, “disinformation” isn’t really a noun…

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