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One Ringy-dingy, Two Ringy-dingy….


Don’t answer the phone.
The attack of the robocallers is on. My voice mail may not survive.
Since Thursday, I’ve gotten 10 calls all urging a vote one way or the other. Meg Levitan and Linda Salton called to tell me to vote for mayoral candidate Gavin Newsom.
Fiona Ma wants me to vote “no” on Prop. H.
Kamala Harris called and told me about that nasty “Willie Brown’s girlfriend” flyer (that I didn’t receive but read about). Some anonymous mail voice — very soothing — called a few hours later to tell me how great Kamala is. Both of them want my vote for her.
Sen. John Burton called to tell me to vote “no” on Prop. M. Someone else dialed the phone and a recorded tape, sounding a lot like a radio ad, told me to vote “yes” on M.
Claudine called — in person — to tell me to vote for Angela Alioto. A tape message from Claudia Wolf, the woman who got the that $11.2 million judgment urged the same.
And Susan Leal called to tell me to vote “yes” on I.
I’m exhausted. And I’m not answering the phone.
But I am voting. You should, too.

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