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Oh, Mr. DeMille……


In deciding whom to endorse for mayor, former candidate, Democrat Angela Alioto says she’s undecided between fellow Democrat Gavin Newsom and Green Party candidate Matt Gonzalez.
Could be she has trouble making up her mind. But, like a lot of the drama of the Alioto campaign, it’s hard to avoid the feeling that she’s really just enjoying the last few bits of the limelight. The Chron does the usual but The Ex has some nice insights about Tom Ammiano and Matt Gonzalez.
That’s the more important conversation, judging from the story The Chron did about The Castro as San Francisco’s new swing district. The neighborhood is no longer the bastion of liberal thinking it once was. There are too many new-tech rich couples (gay and straight) living in the area for it to hew as closely to the “progressive” line as it once did. That’s how Bevan Dufty got elected, it’s why Plan C thrives.
The Castro went for Newsom in the general election. And The Chron doesn’t find anything that suggests history won’t repeat itself.

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