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Mothers, Guard Your Futons


In what Matt Gonzalez spokesman Ross Mirkarimi will probably call a great example of “green baiting,” The Ex warns that Green Party volunteers from up and down the West Coast are headed to San Francisco to organize. The paper has a little fun with Ryan Chamberlain, a volunteer for Democrat Gavin Newsom’s campaign. Let’s just say that “tactful” is not a word that’s going to be used often in the same sentence with his name (although his weekly Newsom campaign round ups are always a good, snappy read).
The Greenies may be young and annoying. These are the earnest young people who used to stop polo-shirted thirty-something CEOs on the street and ask if they’d sign a petition to stop the invasion. But, if nothing else, they’re more colorful than the crowd that runs the Newsom campaign. One political observer I know calls the Newsom “The Mormons” because they’re so white and boring.

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