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Like anyone who’s been in and around media and tech, I can ruefully say “I knew Nick Denton when…” he was living on Larkin Street, then on Mission, all the while complaining about San Francisco as a quaint, begger-infested backwater. He was returning my email last week but I’m sure that’s all changed now that he’s officially famous.
Today, I pick up my NYTimes and there he is, along with a photo of the charming MegNut and Gizmodo man Pete Rojas. Denton’s right about one thing: if he’d stayed in San Francisco, the Times would never have written about him even if his Fleshbot was the first to get its paws on the Paris Hilton sex tapes. And, of course, as Romenesko and Gawker are demonstrating today, there’s nothing like a Times story to get the buzz going.
Ah, yes, Nick Denton. I knew him when….
You’ll remember the NYT’s Andy Sorkin covered the Quattrone trial. He was the NYTimes reporter who dresses like a dickhead.
Coincidence? I think not.

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