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Brock and Brooks


The NYT’s David Brooks’ takes a look at what’s wrong with Howard Dean’s candidacy on Saturday’s often neglected OpEd page.
Now, this could be nothing more than a conspiracy but what Brooks said sounded a little bit like a reason to give Dean the nomination, not one to stop him. That’s now how Brooks plays it, of course. He says, essentially, that Dean will fuel, not stop Washington’s partisan trench warfare. Dean’s an angry guy being supported by pissed-off Democrats. And, taking some nice shots at President Bush, Brooks correctly says that’s not what called for right now in politics. He’s right. Dammit.
But, well, it was hard to read that column without the prediction that another David – Brock, as in “Blinded by the Right” – made Friday afternoon at NDN’s meeting.
Brock is looking for money to fund a liberal media watchdog organization and working on a book about the coordinated efforts conservatives make – and fund – to get their ideas out. He predicts a rough road ahead for any Democratic president, as rough as the path Bill and Hillary Clinton had to walk. It doesn’t matter, he said, who wins. The conservative machine – one he was part of, one he now dissects and lays bare – will carp, criticize, and howl. And they’ll keep it up until they get another conservative back in the White House.
But if both David B’s are right it seems Dean might be the very guy for the job. Bullies stop when someone stands up to them. That’s what a lot of conservative carping is: it’s the use of force — power and money — to threaten, embarrass, and coerce people into going along. Howard Dean likes a fight. He stands up to people who want to shove him around. And he doesn’t much seem to care who he pisses off in the process.

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