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Battle Stations!


It’ll be a day or two until us mere mortals get a look at the district-by-district election tallies but let’s just say that third-place finisher Angela Alioto provided one clue about what’s going to happen when she was interviewed in late September.
Polls Alioto was touting at the time showed her, in some neighborhoods like the Marina and parts of Pacific Heights, doing as well as Democratic nominee Gavin Newsom.
That means many of Alioto’s 28,000 or so votes are headed to Newsom’s column, not to Matt Gonzalez. Leal’s votes are headed to Newsom, too. But it’s best not to count the chickens too early. Housing activist Randy Shaw does a very nice job in the Sentinel of explaining just how Gonzalez could pull it off.
TheEx does a fine job setting the scene, pitting the state’s Dems, who haven’t exactly been doing well, against the Greens who are pretty excited — still — about all the exposure they got from Peter Camejo’s brush with fame in the guise of Arianne Huffington’s book tour.
The Trib points out — the first to do so, methinks — that Gonzalez’ candidacy means a lot to the Green Party something that’s gotten overlooked in the mess of squabbling going on during the Lefty Primary.
This is their chance at a big win. Frank Gallagher adds a little more insight.
“Camejo told last night that the Green Party plans to throw everything available resource at the San Francisco mayoral runoff – including busing in hundreds of volunteers from out of town to pump up Gonzalez’s field organization.
There are 50,000 Greens in the Bay Area, Camejo said, adding that the party planned to enlist as many as a thousand of them on Gonzalez’s behalf.
“San Francisco is a symbol,” Camejo told “We cannot let it go corporate. This is a crusade.”

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