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Looks Can Kill


Leave it to Terrence Hallinan — a man who, if nothing else, understand the look and feel of politics — to talk some sense in to the Gonzalez campaign by getting spokesman and D.A. employee Ross Mirkarimi to take a leave of absence.
There’s plenty of evidence on this very web site to show that Mirkarimi, who may be a fine investigator for the D.A.’s office, doesn’t really understand the importance of optics in politics.
Here’s the rule: if it looks bad, it is bad. Even if it is “green baiting,” or unwarranted personal attacks or whatever you want to call it. That’s setting aside the obvious: if the public face of the campaign is under a cloud, the rest of the effort will suffer.
The best take on what’s going on here comes from Frank Gallagher, who knows a lot more about city payrolls than I. Go look at what he has to say.

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