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Matt Smith Fan Mail


You really didn’t need to attend last night’s mayoral debate to get the show.
[Aside: unless of course you needed to know that the marvelous, early ‘70’s California corporate lobby of the Commonwealth Club with its goofy plastic hanging lamps and its funky spiral staircase is being ripped out. To be replaced, no doubt, by some sort late ‘80’s “tasteful” wood paneling and color-coordinated mauvey Four Seasons-tasteful upholstery. It’s an outrage! San Francisco is being robbed of a tacky monument to faux corporate chic!.
UPDATE: Kenton Hoover, who has a better sense of SF history than I do, writes in and says I'm admiring the lobby of what was once known as Marathon Oil. Which explains all that plastic.]

No, if you really wanted to understand the campaign you could have just stayed home and gotten up this morning to read Matt Smith whose analysis of the race is dead on worth reading. Go now and read about reconstituted hipster Joe O’Donohue and the cynicism of the Left.
San Francisco is at a crossroads the likes of which the city has never seen before. And no one, not the Left, not the business community (as there is no right here), NO ONE, has any overwhelming good ideas about what to do next. It’s going to be up to the guy who gets elected. He’s going to have to make his own way, as Smith points out. And that’s how people should decide to vote.
Equally well informed, is Frank Gallagher who raises a red flag about the city’s Democrats and their seemingly visceral dislike of Gavin Newsom. The central committee might not endorse the guy who got the most votes. And he’s from their party, a party, by the way, he’s done a pretty good job of defending.

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