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Tit for Tat, Part One


Okay, time for rhetoric watch.
Here in San Francisco, people in politics love to overstate the case. It’s a bad habit. Everybody’s guilty of going to DefCon 4 over a hangnail.
Let’s start with something calling itself GavinTech, obviously a direct rip-off of the GoreTech, the ad hoc Silicon Valley organization that helped former Vice President Al Gore (cough, cough). Some of the characters are the same. In fact, the “host committee” for the invite reads like a who’s who of pop stars: Red Herring co-founder Chris Alden, Angel Investor Ron Conway, long-time PR strategist Andy Cunningham, Jamie Daves, the guy who hooked Newsom up with the New Democratic Network guys, State Board of Ed member Reed Hastings, Marimba founder Kim Polese….the list goes on and at least one person whose name is up there is still wondering how they made the “host committee” list.
That’s not the only bit of sloppiness involved here. “Gavin Tech” didn’t ring any bells over at Newsom campaign HQ on Van Ness. And, in writing the invite, someone should have paid a little better attention to the wording. “Though you may not live in SF, Gavin’s pro-business policies will help propel the economic recovery underway in the Valley,” the invite read in part. “He is running against an anti-business Green Party candidate who has the support of the far left.”
Newsflash netboy: the far left has been at home in San Francisco since before you were born and while many of the Silicon Valley Democrats that you have on your invite wouldn’t consider themselves “anti-business,” I’d bet a few of ‘em don’t like being considered such harsh critics of their own party. This sort of rhetoric only pushes folks who might support Newsom more to the left. And it gives people a reason to believe Gonzalez when he talks about “McCarthyism,” as he stumps through the Left’s hallowed halls and dusty bars.
It’s not that Gonzalez is anti-busiess it is, as SF Weekly’s Gonzalez expert Matt Smith points out, he has no idea what to do to revitalize the city’s economy. There’s a difference and it’s high time everyone watching the race understood that.

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