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Green Day


He’s telling supporters not to believe what they read but the chart published in Sunday’s Chron doesn’t make things look too good for Green Party candidate Matt Gonzalez.
In most parts of the city, he got pretty thoroughly beaten. Gonzalez supporters say that’s not important. That he can put together a coalition that can beat Democratic candidate Gavin Newsom. Certainly the Green Party – looking at capturing its first major U.S. city if Gonzalez wins – sees it that way. They’re bringing in the heavy artillery turning the rag-tag bunch of Gonzalez supporters into a real live honest-to-God media savvy machine in the suede draped figure of Ross Mirkarimi, a Nadar 2000 vet.
But, as Friday’s union endorsements of Newsom demonstrate, Democratic politics runs deep in San Francisco – union deep. The Greens don’t like to say this too loudly but much of their support doesn’t come from working folks, folks who get their hands dirty, it comes from intellectuals, folks who think for a living. And, this time around, in this city election, a lot of those people seem to be headed to Newsom.
Gonzalez, of course is trying to mitigate that. Hence the courtship of Joe O’Donohue and the Residential Builders Association, a partnership that would smack of pandering and political opportunism if Gonzalez weren’t a Green Party candidate.
I was once treated to a diatribe by a building contractor about the live-work units that O’Donohue was instrumental in constructing throughout SOMA. The contractor, who had been hired to do a fairly minor kitchen renovation spent a great deal of time talking about the various code violations he found and how difficult and more expensive those violations made the job he was hired to do. A Sunset resident, he’s not a Newsom voter. He’s not a union guy, either. But he’s no Green Party supporter. He thinks what O’Donough has done is the southern part of the city is very dangerous; we’ll find out how the next time the earth shakes. The RBA is talking about building affordable housing. Okay. But shouldn’t it be safe, too?
Getting this contractor’s vote is Matt Gonzalez’s biggest challenge. One he’s going to have to repeat over and over during the next month.

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