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It’s Quattrone Day again.
The Chron profiles Quattrone attorney John Keker.
The WSJ previews the decision that the U.S. Attorney’s office has to make on what to do about the mistrial tomorrow.
And P.J. Corkery, in what looks like a new web blog on San Francisco — perhaps, like Micky Kaus, he believed Herb Caen was the first blogger — goes to a birthday party for Tina Keker and comes away with an interesting first-hand account of the mistrial.
This is a quote rather than a link because it’s embedded in a much lengthier entry:
“Famed criminal defense attorneys John Keker and Doron Weinberg were at Bizou the other night. … Keker, fresh back from defending $ilicon Valley banker Frank Quattrone in N.Y., threw a party to celebrate Mrs. Keker’s birthday. The birthday cake there looked like a birthday cake…Keker got a mistrial in his case. The fact is that client Quattrone, unlike many of the white collar accused these days, is well liked by his colleagues and office staff. This communicated itself to the jury. Quattrone may have played loose with the legal regs, but he comes across not as a vicious would-be Master of the Universe, but as a likeable, if hard-driving boss, well disposed to his employees and devoted to his wife and family. Jury seemed to think, “yeah, it’s a cut-throat business world, but we should all have a boss like Frank Quattrone.”
Uh, P.J. Denise Quattrone was no where near that courtoom and the one juror who was voting “not guilty” said the presence of the Quattrone famly didn’t matter in his decision although, obviously, that’s not what jurors may have told the consultant who polled them after the trial. There’s a reason those CSFB guys who hung around the courtroom are called “dickheads” but it’s nice to see that John Keker — or “someone close to him” — can spin with the best of them even if Bob Chlopak isn’t around.

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